Robert George Jefferson Iddison

b. 18 July 1874, d. between October 1958 and December 1958

Family: Robert George Jefferson Iddison and Isabelle Sayer


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    Gender:     Male
    Christening Date:     23 Aug 1874
    Birth Date:     18 Jul 1874
    Father's Name:     William Holdsworth Iddison
    Mother's Name:     Sarah Ann
    Indexing Project (Batch) Number:     J02079-2
    System Origin:     England-ODM
    GS Film number:     477547
    Reference ID:.     
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    1. Robert George Iddison, male, born 18 July 1874, married, Painter & Decorator.
    2. Isabelle Iddison, female, born 11 March 1879, married, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
    3. Lilian Mary Iddison, female, born 25 March 1920, single, Wiring Work Assembler (Telephones?).
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    Robert George Jefferson Iddison - [Child] of William Holdsworth Iddison & Sarah Ann
    Born: 18 Jul 1874
    Abode: 4 Markett Street
    Occupation: Traveller
    Baptised by: J. Cater
    Register: Baptisms 1861 - 1877, Page 72, Entry 570."
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    William H. Iddison, head, married, male, age 41, Com Traveller Linens Woolens, born in Bedale, Yorkshire.
    Sarah Ann Iddison, wife, married, female, age 40, born in Leeming, Yorkshire.
    Thomas Iddison, son, unmarried, male, age 21, Parcel Deliverer Carten, born in Surrey.
    Arthur C. Iddison, son, unmarried, male, age 17, Merchants Clerk, born in Manchester.
    William H. Iddison, son, unmarried, male, age 16, E & M Mechanic Sewing Machine, born in Manchester.
    Walter H. Iddison, son, male, age 14, Merchants Clerk, born in Manchester.
    Jane A. Iddison, daughter, female, age 12, scholar, born in Manchester.
    Mary L. Iddison, daughter, female, age 9, scholar, born in Manchester.
    Robt G. J. Iddison, son, male, age 7, scholar, born in Manchester.
    Marmaduke B. Iddison, son, male, age 5, born in Manchester.
    Sarah A. Iddison, daughter, female, age 3, born in Manchester.
    Elizabeth Iddison, daughter, female, age 2, born in Manchester.
    Beatrice Iddison, daughter, female, age 10 months, born in Manchester.
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    William H. Iddison, son, single, male, aged 25, Agent MChester Goods, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Mary L. Iddison, daughter, single, female, aged 19, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Robert G. J. Iddison, son, male, aged 16, Junior Salesman, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Marmaduke B. Iddison, son, male, aged 4, Errand Boy, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Sarah A. Iddison, daughter, female, aged 13, scholar, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Elizabeth Iddison, daughter, female, aged 12, scholar, born in Brooklands, Cheshire.
    Beatrice, daughter, female, aged 10, scholar, born in Stretford, Lancashire.
    Roger P. Iddison, son, male, aged 8, scholar, born in Stretford, Lancashire."
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    William John Wales, son, age 23, single, a warehouse clark for a Drapery, born in Kentish Town.
    Frederick Arthur Wales, son, age 14, single, a tea warehouse clerk, born in Kentish Town.
    Charles Winkworth, lodger, age 26, single, a painter, born in Kentish Town.
    Robert George Iddison, lodger, age 36, a salesman or a tailor, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Ann Dare, mother-in-law, age 83, widow, born in Liddington, Wiltshire.
    Mary Dare, sister-in-law, age 53, single, born in Swindon, Wiltshire.
    7 rooms in the dwelling.
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