William Holdsworth Iddison1,2,3,4

b. 30 December 1865, d. between January 1899 and March 1899


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    Funeral of the late Roger Iddison. On Saturday the remains of the late Mr. Roger Iddison, of York, whose name will be familiar to the devotees of cricket in England, and especially to those in the county of "broad acres," were interred in York Cemetery. Mr. Iddison was a playing member of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club for many years, and held for some time the position of captain. His figure was also a familiar one in the principal English matches of his time, and in the pursuit of his vocation he was in the service of a number of the leading local clubs of the country. On retiring from active participation in Yorkshire county cricket about 1872, Mr. Iddison started a shop for the sale of cricket materials, &c., in Blake-street, York, and subsequently became an auctioneer, and as such was very popular with his fellow-citizens and the inhabitants of the surrounding agricultural district. His death was due to an attack of diabetes which had confined him to the house since December. The first portion of the funeral ceremony was performed at the church of St. Mary's, Castlegate, in the presence of a large and sympathising congregation. Besides the chief mourners, who included the widow and other members and relations of the deceased's family, there were among those present at the church or graveside Mr. George Freeman (Thirsk), Mr. R. Boulton (Malton), Mr. J. Hicks, the Rev. E. S. Carter, Mr. H. Nixon, Mr. H. Dewse (York), Mr. M. Tomlinson, Mr. W. M. Briggs (Grand Stand, Knavesmire, York), Mr. T. F. Armison (Sessay), Mr. Seth Tinsley (Malton), Mr. F. H. Vaughan (hon. secretary York Cricket Club), Mr. J. L. Procter (assistant hon. secretary York Cricket Club), and a number of other gentlemen interested in the national game. The funeral was also attended by several members of the York Corporation, including Ald. Thos. Walker, Ald. Fawcett, Councillor Croskill, and Councillor Dalton, and there were also present representative auctioneers and others, many of whom sent wreaths. The service, which was of an impressive character, was performed by the Rev. H. Vyvyan and the Rev. E. C. Bedwell."
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    Sarah A. Iddison, wife, married, aged 51, born in Leeming, Yorkshire.
    William H. Iddison, son, single, male, aged 25, Agent MChester Goods, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Mary L. Iddison, daughter, single, female, aged 19, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Robert G. J. Iddison, son, male, aged 16, Junior Salesman, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Marmaduke B. Iddison, son, male, aged 4, Errand Boy, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Sarah A. Iddison, daughter, female, aged 13, scholar, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    Elizabeth Iddison, daughter, female, aged 12, scholar, born in Brooklands, Cheshire.
    Beatrice, daughter, female, aged 10, scholar, born in Stretford, Lancashire.
    Roger P. Iddison, son, male, aged 8, scholar, born in Stretford, Lancashire."
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