Roger Percy Iddison1

b. 13 May 1882, d. between April 1963 and June 1963

Child of Roger Percy Iddison and Sarah Frances Alice Stedman


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    1. Roger P. Iddison, male, born 13 May 1882, married, Packer Wholsale Drapery.
    2. Frances A. Iddison, female, born 31 Jan 1895, married, Unpaid Household Duties.
    6. Arthur Stedman, male, born 14 Jun 1858, married, Coachman (retired).
    7. Alice Stedman, female, born 20/30 Jul 1861, married, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
    8. Frank Forth, male, born 9 Feb 1886, widowed, Taxi Driver.
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    Gender:     Male
    Christening Date:     27 Aug 1882
    Christening Place:     Manchester, Lancashire, England
    Birth Date:     13 May 1882
    Father's Name:     William Houldsworth Iddison
    Mother's Name:     Sarah Ann Iddison
    Indexing Project (Batch) Number:     C00770-8
    System Origin:     England-ODM
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    William H. Iddison, son, single, male, aged 25, Agent MChester Goods, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
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    Elizabeth Iddison, daughter, female, aged 12, scholar, born in Brooklands, Cheshire.
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    Gender:     Female
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    Father:     Arthur Stedman
    Spouse:     Roger Percy Iddison
    Register Type:     Parish Register.
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